Thursday , 22 August 2019
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It is observed that girls of any age prefer to wear pink instead of any other color. It has been a custom sort of thing that girls like wearing pink stuff while on the other hand boys love blue color. Pink is the color which is mostly associated with love, passion, care, sweetness, romance, childhood and most importantly it is known to be related to femininity. Pink sometimes symbolizes exotic nature and also when combined with white color it symbolizes youth and softness.

Children from small age are socialized into liking different colors according to their genders. There are certain gender stereotypes that children are taught to follow. That is the reason why girls from a small age like wearing pink clothing while boys are taught to like color blue and they are associated with these different colors in many ways. Pink ribbons and pink decoration are usually seen related to girls. Also most of the teenage girls prefer having pink colored furniture in their bedroom. Themes related to girls are also linked to color pink for example Dora the explorer and of course who can forget Barbie. Barbie dolls have a special link with color pink and that is why many small girls are attracted to these kinds of dolls. Nowadays outlets have a huge variety of pink clothing such as pink T-shirts, pink blouses, pink skirts, even pink pants, pink accessories and pink party dresses. Color pink is as diverse as it has a lot of different shades in it which attracts young women the most.

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