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white boots photo: steve madden gldjeif

White boots fashionable and elegant or frumpy and jarringly bright.

The modern definition of the term “boots” is a bit loose; footwear covering the entire foot and lower leg. This is developed from the earliest forms of footwear-a two-piece unit covering the foot and lower leg. This wrapping of the leg is the building block on which modern boot have been derived. White boots are for platinum blonde and very light grey hair. The repetition of a light color at the top and bottom creates a more cohesive look. Whenever stuck try the color that bookends your hair for a more pulled together look. Wearing white boots are a visual treat it’s easy to add white boots when you’re wearing a white top, topper or belt. Or when you’re wearing a pattern of white, or a garment with white trim. The white boots pick up the white in the rest of the outfit, creating a visual treat. White boots looks more unexpected because it’s quite fringe. Most people prefer to wear dark colored boots on their feet because it’s practical and easy to maintain, and because black footwear is also more widely available than white boots.

White boots are up a notch in style, especially with the color repetition introduced by the addition of the white bag or white outfits. White boots looks great with white jeans, cropped pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and trousers. It lengthens the leg line when worn with white bottoms adding a dash of elegance to the look.

So, go ahead and support those white boots with confidence.

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