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Reasons to wear a black suit

Many people consider a black suit to be inappropriate for a bunch of events. They say it looks too dark and pessimistic. However, these people may haven’t seen men wearing black suits stylishly. Here are some tips for wearing them in style.

Formal and stylish

If you need to go to a formal event, you may use a black suit as a tux substitute. No one will say you anything. However, remember to style it perfectly. Put on a white shirt, black bow tie and a pair of Oxford shoes. Now you\re looking awesome.

Black vs black

According to the latest trends, wearing all black is stylish. However, in order to look good, you should mix different textures. The materials of your suit, shirt, and tie must be different. Otherwise, they will mix, creating a nice combination.

Colorful and festive

You may easily wear a black suit to a party. The rule is to combine it with colorful T-shirts, shirts, roll necks, and other clothes. A pocket square of an interesting color and black penny loafers will be a great addition. If you aren’t sure whether everything looks nice, put it on. Experiment.

Smart and casual

Put on your jeans, T-shirt, and a black suit jacket. Grey tones will look great. This is the time when you can experiment with shoes and accessories. A black jacket will allow you to look smart without efforts.

You can do the same with suit trousers. Combining them with a polo shirt and leather jacket, you create a stylish and casual look. It is great for parties and other events.

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