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Many wear shoes for seek of having the foot covered; some wear shoes to add height but some don’t just wear shoes- they wear a pair to turn on their style and be on the bounce. Shoes have become a sin qua non in today’s world of fashion.

Talking about shoes adding to height- and without infringing on one’s comfort like the stilettos- the PLATFORM SNEAKERS makes a bold statement. Nonetheless, it is not down to height alone; it imparts sportiness and style if you wish. PLATFORM SNEAKERS are available for both men and women and they are commonly used by teens. The trend has been in vogue as early as the 70s in U.K, Europe and the U.S and it has evolved with time.


PLATFORM SNEAKERS come in a wide array of types and design: some are in the boot; some as slip-on; some as lace-up and some with wedge heels- ladies will definitely love to have this. Amongst all these, Eileen Fisher’s ‘spree’ sport sandals make a unique apparition, in that while it is yet sandals, it has a double honor of being a sneakers- would go with skinny jeans…what do you think?

The combination of the insole, midsole and outsole is what makes one’s feet comfortable in the pair- the insole is usually made of liquid silicone or polyurethane while the outsole is made from carbon rubber. Now, the material from which the vamp is made, is one crucial element that could ‘speak’ a million expression to the world: the material and/or fabric can synthetic or artificial- leather, rubber, jacquard and even cotton have all been utilized.


Going casual- out to see a movie; take a walk in the park…-consider having a PLATFORM SNEAKERS on to match your T-shirt and denim jeans OR you want to do some hip-hop stepping’s? Then get a pair of PLATFORM SNEAKERS on and do the gig. The most exciting part to me is taking one out on a morning work-out.

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