Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Planning for a holiday where there is plenty of sunshine? Or do you just want to amaze your friends at a party on you sense of fashion? You need to match the brightness around you to turn gazes. For a steady guide to scoring a perfect 10 on casuals department read on.

  1. SIMPLICITY – You have to have a simple approach if you seek casual outfits. You can’t look as if you have given too much attention to your dressing. The dress has to feel like its hugging you casually. Simplicity which is often hard to catch is the number one criteria you need before trying casuals.
  1. ACCESORIES –Casual requires a light touch of detailing to complement your personality. Like a simple fedora hat or a slightly loose dangling watch, maybe a little touch of subtle jewellery or a loose dangler belt. But remember not to overdo it, seek the balance.
  1. FIT – Casuals is all about the right fit. Define yourself with that which uniquely defines you. Go an extra mile and spend an extra hour searching for that right fit.
  1. UNDERSTAND – T he most simple yet hard to get fashion sense is casual. You have to have a niche for it to truly hit that casual quotient. It comes with experience, so constantly keep changing the way you see casuals and experiment with different styles and will surely get it. It just has to come!!
  1. COLOUR – Now it is important to level your personality, your fashion sense and your choice of colours to a same platform. Choose lighter shades and try to match the vibe that casuals give out with the colour itself. Choose sober sweet colours like lime green or maybe rose pink.

So put a smile on your face, open your hair, and lift your chin to the sun and try out the amazing experience of comfort and style mixed in one, only through casual outfits.

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