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How to choose ballroom dance shoes?

The basic thing one needs to understand is that ballroom dance shoes totally serve different purpose than the normal shoes. These shoes might very much look like any normal party shoes or stilettoes but the feel that the feet get from these is very different. Whenever you buy these shoes remember that you need to be in utmost comfort. Do not shy to shake your legs and see how these shoes go along with your feet before you actually buy them. You are going to practice for hours in these and you do not want sore feet because of the footwear you chose. Since these shoes are specifically made for dance, the grip that they have on floor is unique. They let you slide smoothly at the same they don’t let you slip. It is necessary that sole is comfortable. Second important thing is the color. If you don’t want to attract attention to your feet choose colors close to tan or gold. These colors will blend in with your skin or stockings and will not be center point of attraction. While dance with a partner in the ball, you need to be sure that you don’t step on each other’s toes. But just to be on safer side you can choose a ballroom dance shoe with closed front that will protect your toenails. So to summarize while choosing a ballroom dance shoes remember to check out: sole, color and protection. Choose what fits you best!

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