Saturday , 24 August 2019
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The word pashmina refers to a fabric which is a type of cashmere wool. Initially textiles made from this pashmina fabric were mostly worn in the areas of Kashmir. The word pashmina means cloth made from wool. And specifically in Kashmir it is called soft gold. The wool from which the pashmina is made of comes from a different breed of goat which is found in Kashmir. Pashmina scarfs and shawls are hand woven and this is one of the hobbies of Kashmiri women working in homes. These pashmina products are manufactured in Nepal and Kashmir since many years. The fabric is known for its warm and soft quality which can keep individuals warm in cold and extreme weather.

A pashmina scarf is known to be light weighted, thinner and warm at the same time. Except pashmina shawls and scarfs, wraps and throws are also made form pashmina nowadays and commonly preferred by people living not only in Kashmir and Nepal but also in many other countries.

The raw wool from which the pashmina products is made is normally hand processed and hand woven. A pashmina scarf comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Pure pashmina scarf is usually gauzy and open weaved as the wool fiber cannot tolerate high tension. Most of these pashmina scarfs are blended with the material silk to provide individuals with a trendy and a comfortable flow. Nowadays people are crazy for pure pashmina scarfs since they are light weighted and come in various vibrant colors.

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