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Cycling clothes: for that perfect ride

You might have missed this exposure and may have focused more towards automotive bikes and cars. Though, cycling fashion is in full gear and this caters to both purpose of protection and style. Over the time it has been widely accepted that being a cyclist or cycling itself is swank. Generally you might wear simple t-shirt and jeans or shorts while cycling. However, with the buzz within the cycling industry the companies has either set their dedicated cycling gear departments or new companies are spooning on cycle based clothes in haste. With people getting physically and professionally more involved towards cycling, the factors such as comfort, protection, style have long discussed about. A professional cyclist requires a complete kit under his cloth belt to embark on his road stride. Although, this should be considered that different types of cycling may require specific gears. Here some which you can consider;

  1. Jerseys

There are many type of jerseys available out in the market made out of different products. However, products made out of Lycra or spandex will enhance your performance, as the drag is minimal upon riding and also keeps away excessive sweat. Some other things which can considered while buying a jersey could be front zipper for better ventilation, standing collar to safeguard your neck in scorching heat, sleeves designed to lean further, reflector especially to ride at nights.

  1. Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are totally different in comparison to what we wear in our day to day life. They are made especially keeping a rider in mind and cater to extra stretch for better movement and padded crotches for decreased friction. One should try multiple shorts before buying as the padding may vary for your ideal fit. Other types of cycling shorts which are available in the market are BIB shorts, skorts and mountaineering cycling shorts.

  1. Cycling Jackets

Now choosing a cycling jacket can get tricky as your ideal choice can vary largely on the grounds of weather and prevailing forecast. If there is under forecast then waterproof jackets will be the best suited choice. And, the warmer the better will be your continuous mantra for colder situations. Other thing which should be kept under consideration is the weight of the jacket as it can hinder your friction and balance.

  1. Cycling Shoes and Socks

SPD shoes will be the most suited one if you are going to ride cycle made with clip less pedals. You should also focus towards the soles and probably explore for light in weight and thinner pair for you. Your choice can only be changed on a rainy or wet day, when you will require a shoe with a protected toe as it will enhance your performance by giving additional balance and wind insulation. Sweaty feet can be a huge problem while striving or pedalling hard thereby just totally avoid socks made out of cotton. Socks having polyester, nylon or merino wool are recommended.

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