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Best fabrics to choose for Long Dresses

It is important to consider the style and use of the garment when choosing a fabric for dress, more precisely long dresses, that can be worn on various occasions and look elegant and classy. Weddings, proms, beach vacations, Sunday brunches or even casual evening wear. Whether you want a long dress that flows and drapes around you or a structured dress, only depends on the kind of fabric used. Let’s look at the best fabric to choose for long dresses.

Chiffon- is a light, translucent fabric with brilliant texture and feel. Flower prints, graphic designs and patterns have always been a trend with the use of this fabric.

Crepe- it is a mixed fabric made of many materials which ultimately gives a plain, rough, crispy weave. When stitched into long dresses it gives a sophisticated ensemble.

Jersey- it is a stretchable fabric and gives a shaped look when sewn into long dresses. It can be used in casual long dresses and worn for a fun evening out with friends.

Satin- it is usually made of silk and polyester, but cotton and wool are also used. It gives a royal and rich feel to the dress. It’s flowing and glossy texture adds value to a glamorous long dress.

Voile- it is a stable fabric and does not wobble around like silk and thus is easy to sew. It gives a comfortable feel as it is soft and lightweight making it easier to handle long dresses.

Taffeta- commonly used in evening and wedding gowns because of its crisp and stiff nature. It looks gorgeous as it has a shiny texture with plain self weaves.

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