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A very popular dress style being followed – jessica alba style

Who doesn’t wish to be one among the celebrity? I am sure the answer is ‘Nobody’ because every individual want to be unique and wish that he/she should be noticed in public. Girls dress up in such a way as if they are the only one in the universe. Guys shows off in such a way as if no one can beat them in appearance, physique and intelligence.  Why so??? The main reason is we as a human have chosen our ideal personality and we try to copy him or her. We try maximum to copy our ideal’s wardrobe, their life style and their habits as well. Maximum Girls have Jessica Alba as their role model in their life. They love to look like Jessica and hence copy her dresses designs like” A wolf-print Charles Henry sweatshirt, black distressed Current/Elliott skinnies, dark shades, a gold-chain cross-body purse and black boots. Jessica Alba ‘s style of putting on white top and high-waisted denim Jeans, Brand skinnies with pops of pink, including a pale pink topper, skinny belt and carryall. Tortoiseshell shades and gray d’Orsay flats which give them feeling of complete look.

These days’ girls often are dressed with a black moto jacket over a studded black top with printed pants and buckled boots. Which is Jessica Alba style.

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